What will work for you?

Do you need to lose weight? Have you been thinking about trying a weight-loss program? Diets and programs that promise to help you lose weight are advertised everywhere—through magazines and newspapers, radio, TV, and websites. Are these programs safe? Will they work for you?

We offer weight loss counseling and coaching designed to help you meet your goals while fitting in with your real life. While some just need to be held accountable with weekly weigh-ins and others need a detailed plan to follow, together we will figure out what is right for you. Call us to set up a time to come in for a free consultation.

Weight Loss Coaching

Weight loss is a huge battle that most people have to face. Without getting the right support and the proper weight loss coaching, it could be a losing battle. Most dieters failed to shed off weight, regain the weight they lost in a short period of time, or just got exhausted from exercising and restricting themselves and just gave up.

Weight Loss Supplements

There are numerous weight loss supplements out in the market promising almost instant results. Here at Health and Aesthetics, we have a variety of weight loss supplement packages that will help our clients achieve their weight loss goals. If the aim is to block fat, suppress appetite, remove toxins, boost energy, jump-start metabolism, or to improve the immune system and overall wellness, we always have the right supplement package…

Medical Weight Loss

This program is perfect for people who have 10 or more pounds to lose, don’t have time to exercise, gets frustrated quickly with not seeing results, have too my failed attempts at diets, or have just reached a plateau in your diet or exercise plan. Our trained physicians and medical professionals will educate, guide, and support you from assessment to weekly coaching sessions and even daily weigh ins until you have reached your goal.