Health and Aesthetics is a medical weight loss and aesthetics center located on Broad Street in Cleveland, TN near downtown and Lee University. We exist to bring services and education designed to improve the wellness and self image of our clients. We believe that everyone has the power to become the best version of themselves and we want to help you get there.


We are diligent in finding the most effective ways to help our clients reach their weight loss goals. We understand that everyone is different and we believe that those differences, when appreciated, hold the keys to defining and building weight management programs and habits that can ensure long term success.


We provide a wide variety of services, including take home products, designed to help you combat the ravages of time. Our well trained medical staff will customize anti-aging solutions designed to help you stay youthful longer. We offer Botox® and facial fillers in our center and are available for private bookings.

Food Sensitivity

The foods you are eating everyday could be making you fat, sick, fatigued or could be causing a large number of other health issues. We offer a simple lab test that will check over 300 everyday foods and additives to see how your body reacts. From there, we will develop a nutrition plan based upon the results.

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Client Results

We are truly vested in our clients’ success

At Health & Aesthetics we work hard to provide you with all the tools and support you need to achieve your goals of looking and feeling your best.

Check out what our clients have to say…

Nikki is the most amazing lady that you could ever ask for. She's always willing to help you in any way to gain your self confidence and manage your nutrition to a way where the pounds just melt away! I highly recommend her to anyone that needs help with there nutritional needs. more and more people that I knew have success with this diet. It's not just a diet... It's a lifestyle change! This has allowed us to get motivated to eat healthy for the long term. It has gave us ways to cook the way we should! Now I'm not saying we won't ever drink a Coca-cola again or eat a brownie, but the great thing is we have learned to only do that stuff in moderation! And the best part now that our 40 days is up Nikki is still there with us. As we slowly transition back to eating more calories and different foods, we still have her help! We can text her if we have a question and that is great. She is so supportive and you will not find this level of support from the other places around that offer HCG. I would recommend Health and Aesthetics to everyone! If you are tired of feeling so tired and crummy all the time then you need to call/message Nikki and at least get some information!!!
Corina Dunn
Nikki is Awesome And A Great Motivator... I Highly Recommend Health And Aesthetics For Your Weight Loss Journey!
Apryl Higgins
I started HCG lost 12 pounds in a week. Yay me! Thanks Nikki for walking me thru this, with not pressure.
Suteka Brice
I can't begin to tell you how amazing Nikki and her team are! My husband and I both did the HCG Diet and have been so impressed. I lost 24.2 pounds and my husband lost 34.8 pounds on the diet. We first decided to try the 28 day program but very quickly decided we would be extending it to the 40 day program. Nikki was with us every step of the way. We texted her our weight everyday and saw her once every week. When we first started I was skeptical... But then I started seeing more and ore people have success with this diet. It’s not just a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. This has allowed us to get motivated to eat healthy for the long term.
Charis Eidson Reagan
This place has really changed my life! I now have the energy I need to get thru my work week and still play on the weekends!
Dalina Reed
I tried this and I loved it. I recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight. It definitely works. I lost 26 lbs. Im going to go on it again. Nikki is great! Always encouraging you every step of the way!
Lisa Innis Hembree
Love Nikki! She is the best! I've lost 25 lbs on hcg and kept it off for going on 9 months now! I feel great
Allie Taylor
The best place in the Cleveland and Chattanooga areas to go for weight loss, body wraps and more! I’m a lifetime customer!
Trina Stanfield
Thank you , Nikki, for always providing great help and service.
Mary Dunn
Nikki’s treatments, her knowledge in nutrition, guidance in my weight release journey and accountability to stay on track helped me to reach my goal AND has assisted me in the process to truly have a positive feeling about my body. Thank you for that!!
Brigitta Hoeferle
I love this place! Nikki Beaty and the massage therapist Hanna are awesome! If you need any help with your Health or Aesthetics, the name says it all! Go see them.
Misti Pettit

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